• Copperhead snakes have a yellowish or greenish tail tip Read More
  • They sometimes smell slightly like cucumber when they feel threatened Read More
  • They give live birth and doesn’t lay eggs. Interbreeding sometimes occur Read More
  • Young copperheads wriggle their tail to lure prey closer Read More
  • After a succesful bite, copperheads let their prey escape and then tracks it down Read More
  • They are most abundant in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina Read More
  • Human fatalities from its bite are rare, but its bite causes intense pain
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  • Copperhead snakes are responsible for approx. 37% of all bites from venomous snakes in the US
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  • Interbreeding between copperhead snakes and cottonmouths can occur
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Videos and photos of Copperhead snakes in action

On this page, you will find images and videos of the copperhead snake. Some of the photos are close up pictures so that you can study the snake closer. No snakes were hurt during photographing. If you have any copperhead snake you would like to add to this page, do not hesitate to contact me.

Videos of Copperhead Snakes

Videos of Copperhead Snakes

According to U.S. poison centers, 769 cases of bites from copperheads were reported in 2001.
In total, those bites account for 37 percent of the total number of venomous snake bites4 (Figure 1).Copperhead Snake bites are rather painful, and experts suggest that you seek medical advice after a bite.

Copperhead Snake Time

In this video, you will see a couple of friends who are looking for a snake, and luckily, they found a copperhead snake. One guy will pick up the snake and also tell some about this southern copperhead snake; these are pit vipers just like rattlesnakes and cottonmouths. The other friend seems to be a little scared as he didn’t want to get closer to this copperhead.

King Snake vs. Copperhead Snake

In this video, a king snake kills a copperhead snake and swallows it. The king snake squeezes a copperhead that cannot answer the power of the king snake.

Texas Brown Snake vs. Southern Copperhead

In this video, you will see a guy who keeps a Texas brown snake and a southern copperhead snake as pets. He will explain the difference between the snakes and tell you the facts that you should know about them. Texas brown snakes are non-venomous snakes, and copperhead snakes are not as venomous as most people think.

Southern Copperhead Live Feed

People keep copperhead snake as pets. In this video, you will see a Copperhead snake fed a living rat. The copperhead snake kills the rat and eats it.

Please e-mail your photos

If you encounter any copperhead snake on your trail, please take a photo so I can bring it here. Copperheads are rather social animals and like staying together in groups. You will often be able to find them near a water source or beneath something where they are camouflaged.

A copperhead snake crawls through the grass. Maybe it senses a prey nearby. Thanks to Jeff Kubina.

Thanks to Rich Corcoran for submitting this photo and allowing me to display it here.

Young copperhead snakes are difficult to notice when they hide in leaf litter. That is why you should be careful when hiking.

Unique photo of a head of the copperhead snake. The grey rocks add to the value of this photo.

Young copperhead snakes are difficult to notice when they hide in leaf litter. That is why you should be careful when hiking.

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